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Global Warming

Global Warming - and then they take C02 out of the...

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Global Warming - More plants grow and die at the end of the season - Does not affect the majority of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere - Need to know where anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide is going and how fast * Ocean has 70 times as much Carbon Dioxide in it compared to the atmosphere - The rate at which h co2 from the atmosphere into the ocean is the rate at which we form themocaline evaporation - Need to know relationship between atmospheric Co2 and concentration of planetary temperature. - 20,000 years ago, last ice age - Changes in CO2 has been quite natural - Temperature of the planet is controlled by CO2 amount in the atmosphere - Current CO2 is higher right now than in the last 400,000 years. - During ice ages, there is a lot more dust in the atmosphere, which brings iron to parts of the ocean where there are enough nutrients, when phytoplankton take iron they bloom,
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Unformatted text preview: and then they take C02 out of the atmosphere, so that is the reason for the CO2 amount drop.- Sea level was 100-120 meters lower than it was today- During warm water, ocean expands, main reason for sea level rise- Sea level is rising largely due to expansion of the ocean.- Current rate is 18cm/100 years, highly unreliable, Sea Level Rise- If melted ice caps right now, ocean would rise 60 meters- 100 million years ago, sea level was 200 meters higher than it is today- 500 million years ago, a volcanic mid-ocean ridges pushed sea level up by simply filling ocean basins with rock- 11,000 years ago, Younger Dreyus, planet almost went back into another ice age. It happened in as little as 50 years, controversial and open to debate.- Lots of temperature changes, natural process.- Little ice age occurred during the medieval period...
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