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Quiz5 - Who is the father-figure of Indian Independence...

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Who is the father-figure of Indian Independence? Mohandas Ghandi Which of the following is one of the main reasons that Pakistan has had a difficult time achieving economic growth? It is burdened by high levels of defense spending. Which religion was founded in South Asia, but is far more today outside the region, especially in East, Southeast, and Central Asia? Buddhism Which of the following is the most likely result after years of irrigation? soil salinization Why is Bangladesh's total fertility rate significantly lower than Pakistan's? Bangladesh has hired many women to take information about family planning to every village in the country. What behavior does Jainism emphasize over all others? Nonviolence Which region of India is considered to be its breadbasket (that is, its area of greatest agricultural productivity)? Punjab Which foreign language has been suggested as a unifying national language in India?
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