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Quiz2 - Anthropogenic emissions are those caused by people...

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Anthropogenic emissions are those caused by people. Global pressure systems cause which of the following phenomena? Storms Which substance accounts for more than half of the human-generated greenhouse gases? carbon dioxide A temperature drop of how much led to the Earth's Ice Age 40,000 years ago? 2-4 degrees Fahrenheit An assemblage of local plants, animals, and insects covering a large area such as a tropical rainforest or a grassland Bioregion In 2001 United States President George W. Bush went on record opposing U.S. participation in the Kyoto Protocol. What was his main reason for opposing it? Atmospheric emission reductions could potentially harm the U.S. economy. Which of the following regions is experiencing the highest rate of tropical deforestation? Southeast Asia What is the major source of carbon dioxide? burning fossil fuels The increase in greenhouse gases during the last 150 years is primarily a result of the massive increase in the burning of fossil fuels by humans. Which of the following are among the possible effects of global warming?
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