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Exam 2 Study Guide - Music 107 Exam 2 Africa Universals:...

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Music 107 – Exam 2 Africa Universals: Cyclical, Ostinato, Timbre: Dense-Buzzing, Call and Response, Hocketing, Composition as a process rather than product, Variable tempo’s Shona: What: Bira Ceremony (ancestral ritual, communicate w/ ancestors through music/dance) Instruments: Mbira Dzavadzimu(finger piano), Kalimba (Finger Piano), hosho Style: Kushaura – lead voice, 1 st Kutsinhira – second voice Interlocking, call and response, ostinato Pygmies/Forest People : Baaka Mbuti What: Molimo Ceremony (wake up forest, only men participate) Social System: Egalitarian, nomadic, rainforest Style: Call and Response, Polyphony, Vocables, Ostinato, Hocketing Instruments: Molimo trumpet Social Class: Kings or High Class, Slaves, Free born West Africa: Manding Religion: Islam Hierarchal Society, documents Histroy through language Hierarchy: Freeborn: Sula (Higher), Non-specialist, Royal Ancestry, Commoners Slave Nymalo (Lower), Craftsman, Specialist (Blacksmith, Carpenter, Jali, etc) Jali: Respected: Musician, Social Worker, Musician, Praise Singer, Story Teller, Entertainer, Oral Instruments: Balofan: Wooden Xylophone (18 to 21 slabs) Kora: Harp/Lute (neck like lute, 21 strings) Style of Music: Conjunct, Ostinato, Improvisation (Santoro: Textred Improvisation) (Donkilo: Test, Basic Melody) Middle East Koran: Quranic Chant
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/10/2008 for the course MUS 107 taught by Professor Koo during the Spring '08 term at Hawaii.

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Exam 2 Study Guide - Music 107 Exam 2 Africa Universals:...

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