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Music 107 Study Guide Music: Classicfication: Whatever you listen to constitutes music in our society. Blackfoot Indian Society Definition: - Song with dance and instruments = Music Islamic Definition (orthodox, limit musiqi experience): Musiqi = Entertainment (Belly Dancing, popular music) Non-Musiqi = In sacred context (Korean chating, wedding, anthem) UNIVERSALS All societies have music, transforms from ordinary space All people sing/all music changes Shaped by values, aesthetics, and ethos of each society Music is used in religious rituals to experience the supernatural Musical genres occur in all societies (songs of season, children, work) Songs or pieces are identified or distinguished from each other as a common musical unit MUSIC IS NOT A UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE Communication with specific meaning/shared agreed understood within group of people. Doesn’t communicate with specific reference Emotion involved Music involves subjective interpretation Is a learned behavior 19 th Century Korean Music Bleeding/Healing stage Looking for husky voice, produces entertainment (aesthetic) + sorrow (1 Drummer + 1 Voice) E.B. Taylor (1871) – Culture Identified The complex of whole which include, knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, and any other capacities or habits required by man as a member of society - Society Identified Society involves a group of people who are united by sharing political, economic, and cultural structures, sharing a mode of thought and symbolic system.
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Two Different Disciplines in U.S. Universities Musicology Ethnomusicology - Western Music - Non-Western Music - Theoretical (History) - Borrowed theories Anthropologists - Structure and Analysis Distinction has been blurred History of Ethnomusicology - Middle 19 th Century (Late) - Colonial Study People made observations. .Out of tune music, but still happy? - Berlin Archive
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Exam 1 Study Guide - Music 107 Study Guide Music...

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