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Which country is the newest country in Southeast Asia? e. East Timor What is the goal of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)? c. ASEAN fosters regional cooperation in order to control (rather than be controlled by) external global forces What is the chief product of the "Golden Triangle" of Southeast Asia? Heroin Which country of Southeast Asia has the region's lowest birth-rate a birth-rate so low (below replacement level) that its population may soon begin to decline? Singapore A large number of immigrants came from a neighboring country and settled in countries throughout Southeast Asia. From which neighboring country did these migrants come? China Which of the following is the world's most populous Muslim country and also has the largest population in the Southeast Asia? Indonesia The Khmer Rouge guerrillas are associated with which Southeast Asian country? Cambodia What elements characterize the robust nature of certain Southeast Asian economies described as "tigers"? strong export sector
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