Origin of the Universe

Origin of the Universe - the 90% is still missing- Mass...

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Origin of the Universe - Problem with creation is that it cannot be tested by the scientific method. - Dichotomy – Matter & Energy, Ideas & Beliefs - Result of an enormous explosion - All matter and enrgy were concentrated in a geometric point - Thought to be 10 x ^21 stars - By definition, nothing could have existed before the big bang - Strong evidence for the big bang, but the question is “What happened before?” - Wave lengths are compressed if it comes towards you and the wavelengths are compressed - Blue shift, light coming towards you, Red shift, light going away from you. - Every star coming towards you is red-shifted, and the ones way out there are red, unless looking at them in infrared. - Not enough mass to pull back the universe. We have only measured 10% of the mass,
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Unformatted text preview: the 90% is still missing- Mass beyond the edge of the universe is flying away at the speed of light- Multiple universes, explains that something did not come from nothing, but actually came from a universe, which is something- Mercury and Venus are mostly metal, while other gaseous planets are frozen ice Four theories for the origin of life * Spontaneous Generation Evolved from slim, dirt, and other stuff. Disproven. * Divine Intervention God created life. * Panspermy Theory that Life came from outer space Life came from outside Evidence of probability, if our system is any measure, then there is life in other systems *Biosynthesis Life evolved in a warm pond...
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