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Cassi Steiger 2/8/08 ADH Response Paper #2 The last two weeks of class have taught me a lot about the history of my country. The documentaries, cartoons, articles, book, and examples stirred many emotions and left me feeling disappointed and blinded by the “National Geographic Principles” that we’ve been exposed to for decades. The idea of “anthrolite” has left many of us blinded by the harsh realities of colonialism, consumption, and objectification, just to name a few. Wikipedia defines colonialism as an extension of a nation’s sovereignty over a territory beyond borders by an establishment of either settler colonies, or administrative dependencies in which indigenous people are directly ruled or displaced. The most profound examples of this idea can be seen in “From a Native Daughter” by Haunani- Kay Trask. I felt a lot of hostility towards Trask’s ideas and feelings. Her work was unorganized, often irrational, and full of feelings rather than facts. Yet, the idea of colonialism is present. America used power to conquer a land that was outside of their territory. Hawaiians nearly became extinct due to the disease, economic, and political cresses all of which were brought by explorers. According to Trask, the population in the 1890’s plummeted below 40,000. All of these events left Hawaiians powerless and who better to step in to “help” than America. America used a close knit relationship with the OHA to annex Hawaii in 1898. Americans feel that all of these events are justifiable with a settlement of money. This surplus of funds also shows the power that America possesses over others. There are some issues I have with Trask’s arguments. Trask claims universities are full of “white dominance”, but she had no problem being employed by a university.
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Nor did have a problem using the American University of Wisconsin to further her education and obtain a PHD. She also didn’t have a problem using the university to help
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Response Paper #2 - Cassi Steiger ADH Response Paper#2 The...

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