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Campylobacter_FINAL - Campylobacter Abortion in Sheep and...

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Campylobacter Abortion in Sheep and Goats History/Background of Campylobacteriosis: -Abortion caused by: Campylobacter fetus, Campylobacter jejuni. -Incubation period between 7-53 days after ingestion of organism -Outbreak causes immunity in flock, possibly of lifetime duration -Other species can carry the organism:Cattle,Chickens,Turkeys,Ducks,Cats,Dogs,Zoo animals -Diagnosis difficult. Infectious abortions appear similar -First isolated as Vibrio fetus in 1909 from spontaneous abortions in livestock Symptoms/Problems: -Signs of disease in the ewe are usually minimal: vaginal discharge, fever, diarrhea, depression -Abortions tend to occur in the last six weeks of gestation -Fetal death usually occurs 1-2 days before abortion -No indication of the impending abortion, sometimes vaginal discharge -Occasionally abortion is complicated by metritis and subsequent death of the ewe -Diagnosis is assisted by post mortem laboratory tests Mechanism: -Campylobacter
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