Response Paper #1 - Cassi Steiger 1/24/08 ANTH 103 Response...

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Cassi Steiger 1/24/08 ANTH 103 Response Paper #1 The first week of lecture and readings opened my eyes on how to look at things I read and see. The whole idea of “anthrolite” was apparent in the Polynesian Culture Center video and also in the discussion of The National Geographic . When I read the articles in The Anthropology Annual Addition, I saw that there is much more too it than the fairy tale that has been presented by most of what we see today in current media and other trends. In comparing the film and the newspaper you see that they’re completely at opposite ends of the spectrum. The film was full of beauty, dancing, song, and many other fun, positive situations. On the other hand, the newspaper was full of negative things such as crime, fear, worry, and other harsh realities. They both are visual, the film created a beautiful picture, versus the newspaper which you create a mental picture. The positive propaganda proposed in the film was definitely meeting the criteria of “The Seven Principles” proposed by The National Geographic . In both of these examples I saw that there is another side to what has been proposed. In the news there’s not always just negative you have to look and analyze the stories to see the positive that is hidden within. While as in the film it was all positive. We know that all cultures have problems and negatives present, but the Polynesian Culture Center is selling its country to tourists so
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This essay was uploaded on 04/10/2008 for the course ANTH 103 taught by Professor Moodie during the Spring '07 term at University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign.

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Response Paper #1 - Cassi Steiger 1/24/08 ANTH 103 Response...

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