Ansci 206 breeds - Ansci 206 Equines A to Z Eohippus 60...

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Unformatted text preview: Ansci 206 Equines A to Z Eohippus 60 million years ago Andalusian Appaloosa Arabian Barb Bashkir Curly Belgian Cleveland Bay Clydesdale Donkey "Jack" or "Jennet" Dutch Warmblood Fox Trotter (Missouri Fox Trotter) Friesian Hackney Haflinger Hanoverian Hinny Stallion X Jennet Holsteiner Icelandic Miniature Horse Morgan Mule (Jack X Mare) "John" or "Molly" Mustang Norwegian Fjord Oldenburg Overo Paint Tobiano Palomino Paso Fino Peruvian Paso Percheron POA (Pony Of The Americas) Przewalski's Horse American Quarter Horse American Saddlebred Shetland Pony Shire Standardbred Suffolk Swedish Warmblood Tennessee Walker Thoroughbred Trakehner Welsh Zebra ...
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