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Name ______________________ Animal Sciences 206 - Fall 2005 - Final Exam 150 Points I. Multiple Choice: Place the letter corresponding to the best answer in the space to the left of the question. (40 points) 1. Coat color is an example of a ______ genetic trait. a. qualitative b. heterozygous c. quantitative d. homozygous 2. At the racetrack, the payoff per $2 bet for a winning horse is determined by: a. an expert handicapper that writes the racing program. b. the race track, based on who the management wants to win. c. a formula based on number of starts, racing class, and percentage of wins. d. the amount of money bet on the winning horse versus all non-winning horses. 3. Where is the site of digestion of most amino acid from dietary protein, most soluble CHO from high grain diets, and supplemental fats and oils? a. stomach b. small intestine c. cecum/large colon d. small colon e. none of the above 4. In the horse, which placental membranes are fused? a. chorion-amnion b. amnion-allantois c. chorion-allantois d. none of the above 5. Methods used to determine when a mare is most likely to ovulate: a. teasing b. rectal palpation c. ultrasound d. all of the above 6. Racing speed for 9 furlongs in Thoroughbreds is an example of a ______ trait. a. quantitative b. heterozygous c. qualitative d. homozygous 7. The most desirable body condition score for an open mare during the breeding season would be: a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 6 8. Which of the following feeds is used primarily as a source of extra calories in horse diets? a. barley b. soybean meal c. dicalcium phosphate d. grass/alfalfa hay 9. There should be adequate lighting in horse stalls for: a. performing tasks (grooming, etc.) b. estrus control c. control of hair coat shedding d. all of the above
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206FINAL.F05 - Name _ Animal Sciences 206 - Fall 2005 -...

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