206Exam-2-041 - Animal Sciences 206 Exam II NAME I Multiple...

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Unformatted text preview: Animal Sciences 206 Exam II November 18, 2004 NAME_____________________________ I. Multiple choice (40 points). Place the letter corresponding to the correct answer in the space to the left. ____1. The fertilized embryo enters the mare’s uterus at _____ days. a. 5 b. 10 c. 16 d. 38 ____2. A mare bred on May 10, 2004 would be expected to foal on or about: a. June 10, 2005 b. April 10, 2005 c. May 10, 2005 d. March 10, 2005 ____3. In a typical AI breeding program, a mare is bred every other day when her follicle first measures: a. 10 mm b. 25 mm c. 35 mm d. 50 mm ____4. A total motile sperm cell output of ________ per ejaculate is not within the normal range for a stallion. a. 50 million b. 5 billion c. 15 billion d. all of the above e. none of the above ____ 5. During normal stage 2 parturition, the first placental membrane to appear from the mare’s vulva is the: a. Amnion b. Allantois c. Chorion d. Chorio-allantois 1 ____ 6. A mare in estrus will usually exhibit _______________when teased. a. clitoral “winking” b. Frequent urination c. squatting d. all of the above ____ 7. A reproductively sound mare lacking estrous cycles during the winter is: a. Barren b. Anestrus c. Diestrus d. Transitional ____ 8. Uterine edema during estrus appears on the ultrasound monitor as a: a. bright white pattern b. “wagon wheel” pattern c. “test” pattern d. black disc ____ 9. Ovulation in the mare occurs: a. 24-48 hours after the end of estrus b. 24-48 hours before the end of estrus c. 24-48 hours after the onset of estrus d. Under the influence of luteinizing hormone (LH)d....
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206Exam-2-041 - Animal Sciences 206 Exam II NAME I Multiple...

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