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Parasite Control in Horses By Kevin H. Kline Professor of Animal Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana Parasites of the horse cause tremendous economic loss as well as a great deal of pain and suffering to both the horse and horse owner. More than 80 different internal parasites afflict horses around the world. Total elimination of parasites in horses is not a realistic expectation. However, effective control of parasite numbers in the horse and its immediate environment can be achieved through strategic use of effective de-worming medications and environmental control using sensible management practices. The major types of internal parasites of concern to horse owners include large and small strongyles, ascarids, bots, pinworms and tapeworms. These parasites can cause a host of injuries or even death through blockage of circulation to the intestines, damage to organs such as the liver and the lungs, blockage or rupture of the small intestine, ulceration of the stomach, etc. Control of Parasites with Medication It is generally recommended that effective de-worming products from several different chemical classes be selected for use in a “rotational” worming program in order to avoid the development of “resistance” to worming products by the parasites. Table 1 lists eight difference classes of de-worming medications for horses and the generic names of specific products in each class. A typical rotational worming schedule for horses would involve administering a product from a different class of de-wormers every two months. The recommended interval between wormings may
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KLINE Parasite Control in Horses6 - Parasite Control in...

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