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Geography 1123 March 30, 3008 Agricultural Revolution and Farming Methods 1. Agricultural Revolution a. Process by which humans learned to cultivate crops and domesticate animals b. Started in Hearth Areas i. Tigris – Euphrates River Valley (Mesopotamia/Fertile Crescent) ii. South-Eastern Asia iii. Middle America 2. Changes Caused by the Agricultural Revolution a. Innovations i. Limited to only one place at first ii. Main ones were the plow, wheel, irrigation iii. Increased population and carrying capacity of areas because of increase productivity/food supply b. Plant Selection i. Wheat (Mesopotamia), rice (SE Asia), corn (Middle America), potatoes (S. America)
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Unformatted text preview: ii. These became staples across the world c. Plant Modification i. Most necessary types of plants are selected ii. Selection done to increase yield from same amount of land 3. Types of Cultivation a. Subsistence i. Farmer produces enough only to feed immediate family ii. Most common in peripheral (developing) countries 1. required a high % of the population to be farmers b. Commercial i. Production specifically for a market ii. Most common in core (developed) countries 1. Becoming more common in peripheral countries with rich farmers iii. Requires a much smaller % of the population to be farmers...
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