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Human Geography 1123 - 3.14.08

Human Geography 1123 - 3.14.08 - Human Geography 1...

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Human Geography March 14, 2008 1. Standardized Landscape, cont. a. “Cookie cutter” houses started in the 1800’s with Sears and Roebucks catalogs i. Houses constructed from mass-produced components ii. Identical subdivisions spring up the 50’s 2. Folk/Traditional Culture a. Traditional culture is slow to change b. Is generally localized c. Dominated by homogeneous traits (styles of dress, religion, language, occupation) d. Transmitted between generations through oral tradition i. Oral tradition is undermined when a culture is exposed to pop culture influences (especially mass media) ii. Relies heavily on the younger generation co carry on traditions 3. Responses to Popular Culture a. Isolation i. Amish is the most identifiable (very traditional in every way) b. Some governments bad pop culture influences i. Saudi Arabia, China, Iran 1. Restrict TV programs, etc. 2. Works best with singe party governments and dictatorships c. Assimilation i. Change with and adapt to that pop culture influence
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