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Human Geography 1123 - 2.18.08

Human Geography 1123 - 2.18.08 - Human Geography 1123 Key...

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Human Geography 1123 February 20, 2008 Key Terms: Land Resource Quality Land Resource Stress Food Security 1. Four Major Biomes a. Forests – continuous tree canopy i. Temperate broad-leaf forest ii. Tropical forest 1. dry and rain iii. Coniferous or Tiaga b. Savannah – tree and grass mix c. Grasslands – grasses d. Deserts – sparse vegetation adapted to dry conditions 2. Deserts a. 30 degrees N or S latitude b. Usually on the far side of a mountain 3. Temperate Grasslands a. US prairie, etc. b. Prone to frequent fires, are treeless 4. Diffusion and Population Structure a. Diffusion i. Process of the spread of an idea or characteristic from one area to another ii. Three types: 1. Expansion Diffusion a. Creation of “suburbs” 2. Hierarchical Diffusion a. Moving from large to small areas 3. Mixed Diffusion a. A combination of the above two types b. Relocation Diffusion i. Spread of characteristics through physical movement from place to place c. 3 main factors affecting population structure i. CBR ii. CDR iii.
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