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Human Geography February 13, 2008 1. The Biosphere and Ecological Biomes a. Ecumene i. The portion of earth’s surface that is occupied by humans b. Arable land i. Land that is suited for agriculture c. Earth’s total land area i. 20% dry (10-15 deg. Latitude), wet (0-20 deg. Latitude), cold (70-90 deg. Latitude) 1. High elevations (less than 1 km = 3300 ft.) d. Earth’s surface area i. 71% is ocean, 29% is land 2. Population Density: the number of people occupying a given area a. Arithmetic density (ArD) i. = total # of people / total land area 1. US ArD = 31 people/square km or 80/square mi 2. India ArD = 350/sq. km or 900/sq. mi b. Agricultural Density (AgD) i. = total # of farmers / total arable land area 1. US AgD = 1 farmer/ square km or 3/square mi 2. Egypt AgD = 826/sq. km or 2139/sq. mi c. Physiological Density (PhD) i. The total number of people supported by a unit of arable land
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Shows relationships between population size and regional resource availability a. US PhD = 172 people/square km or 445/square mile b. Egypt PhD = 2580/sq. km or 6682/sq. mi 2. Comparing PhD to AgD indicates the carrying capacity (K) of land a. Also reveals relationships between a country’s population and its resources b. Large PhD’s vs. small ArD indicates large population in a small land area 3. The Biosphere a. Is a closed system, except for light which allows for photosynthesis and heat i. Includes the atmosphere to a high altitude and land surface down to 3000 meters below the surface, to allow for H2O-bearing rocks b. Consists of two environmental components: i. Abiotic 1. inorganic, non-living ii. Biotic 1. organic, carbon-based c. Global Ecosystem i. The sum of all the planet’s ecosystems...
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