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Bio 102 Sheet 5 - Exam Code JAN a brain and spinal cord...

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Unformatted text preview: Exam Code: JAN a. brain and spinal cord only 13. spinal cord only a. 1 week Tuna—- b- 2 weeks d. motor neurons and sensory neurons only g. 3 months e. All nervous system tissues and organs e. 6 months are derived from the neural tube. a. an endoskelcton - an exoskeleton a. regulative, indeterminant, controlled " " primarily by cytoplasmic substances. d. Because of their septa, they don’t need a bi" inosaic, determinant, controlled skeleton. . primarily by cytoplasmic substances e. mosaic, indeterminant, controlled a. primarily by cytoplasmic substances .. 1.!”111 '- skeletal muscle smooth muscle. cardiac or skeletal muscle. cardiac or smooth muscle. b. c. d. e; a. capacitation ,.._ 31.55.. c. cleavge d. gastrulation Ia/ an entire muscle, like the triceps. e. neurulation 11/ individual fascicles. (3 individual myofibrils. a. early in the cleavage phase 1). ablastocyst a c. amorula b. myosin . . J _ ..___J.__-ln n nn'nnfilnflm‘!‘ ra'I-InIII'Ilfi-I actin ...
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