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Joel Chow Ken Q U071614L ULS2202-X Evolution What is Science? Science is regarded as the best mode of understanding our physical environment and has progressed in every aspect, from its methodology to the epistemology of science. To better understand exactly what can be defined as a science, an investigation of the three competing definitions of science is necessary. The first views science as a pure exercise in logic, both in its methodology and its conclusions. The second view expounds on the problems involved in the first definition and their implications and lastly, the view of science as a complete mode of understanding reality. Science, essentially, is pure logic itself; devoted to enhance our understanding of the physical environment. It is supposed to be free of moral and emotional judgments. The word ‘physical’ is of importance, as science attempts to affix more value to evidence that is empirical knowledge from sensory experience. However, science also uses many metaphorical concepts, a term coined by George Lakoff in explaining natural phenomena. 1
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chowkenqjoel-project1-MS - Joel Chow Ken Q U071614L...

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