Exam 1 Prep INDV 102

Exam 1 Prep INDV 102 - INDV 102 Many Ways of Being Human...

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INDV 102 – Many Ways of Being Human Culture and Pop Culture Exam #1 Test Prep Please note that what follows is the general outline of the exam.  Obviously, I cannot give  you the actual exam nor the actual multiple choice questions.  I can, however, provide you  with the tools to successfully answer the multiple choice and matching.    Also, be aware that any words in bold in your text are fair game for test questions Know each of the following individuals, their theory, the substance of the theory and where  they did their formative fieldwork if appropriate: Karl Marx Sigmund Freud Margaret Mead Ferdinand de Saussure Be able to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the following theoretical paradigms: Marxism Structural Marxism Social Evolution Evolution Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis Possible essay and/or multiple choice questions: Social Darwinism was the inappropriate application of parts of Darwin’s Theory of Natural  Selection upon the social world. Define and discuss Social Darwinism. (e.g., What did it propose?  What have been some of its negative results?) That is, what was created as a result of social  evolution?   What was the “proof” that these scientists used when ‘proving’ social evolution.
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/10/2008 for the course INDV 102 taught by Professor Polakowski during the Spring '08 term at Arizona.

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Exam 1 Prep INDV 102 - INDV 102 Many Ways of Being Human...

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