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Popular Culture Papers: These two papers are designed to help you think about popular culture, or the culture you see every day. The first paper is actually your first draft and the second will be the final draft adding and expanding on the comments offered by your TA. Both parts need to be no greater than 12 point font and double spaced with reasonable margins (1") and 8-10 pages. You must use appropriate grammar and citation throughout. The actual assignment consists of watching a pairing of films and comparing and contrasting those films based on theory we have learned in class. You will look at the various representations of gender, sexuality, race, class in each film and talk about how they differ or are the same. Writing the paper without using theory is unacceptable. This means that you must cite readings and theories we have discussed in class. I expect at least 5 different citations!!! To expand on this I would like you to think critically about what is being represented by
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Unformatted text preview: the two pairings of movies. For example, Margaret Cho and Memoirs of a Geisha both address the idea of Asian (be it Korean American or Japanese). However, "Asian" as it is depicted in Memoirs is very different from what "Asian" is as it is depicted by Margaret Cho. This would be the basis of the paper. You might use theories from mass culture (MacDonald); the historical and class based nature of pop culture representations (Juan Flores); transnationality (Grewal´s travelling Barbie); also notions of postmodernity, cultural relativism, and construction of race (all from the first half of this course). So, in essence you make an argument about representations within the movies you have watched and you back up that argument using theory. The more you describe EXACTLY what you mean (based upon scenes in the movie, specific pieces of dialogue, wardrobe etc.) and use theory to help you make your argument the better your paper will be....
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