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biol1201 quiz 15

biol1201 quiz 15 - from his father Selected Answer 0...

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Name: Quiz 15 Status : Completed Score: 25 out of 25 points Time Elapsed: 0 hours, 0 minutes, and 14 seconds out of 1 hours and 0 minutes allowed. Instructions: Question 1 5 of 5 points A woman is red-green color-blind. What can we conclude, if anything, about her father? Selected Answer: He is red-green color-blind. Question 2 5 of 5 points Hypophosphatemia (vitamin D-resistant rickets) is inherited as a X-linked dominant disorder. An unaffected woman mates with a male with hypophosphatemia. What is the expected phenotypic ratio of their offspring? Selected Answer: 1 daughter with hypophosphatemia : 1 normal son Question 3 5 of 5 points What is the probability that a male will inherit an X-linked recessive allele
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Unformatted text preview: from his father? Selected Answer: 0% Question 4 5 of 5 points In an X-linked, or sex-linked, trait, it is the contribution of _____ that determines whether a son will display the trait. Selected Answer: the mother Question 5 5 of 5 points In werewolves, pointy ears ( P ) is dominant over round ears ( p ). The gene is on the X chromosome. (Sex determination in werewolves is the same as for "other" humans.) A certain female werewolf has pointy ears even though her father had round ears. What percentage of her sons will have round ears if she marries a werewolf with round ears? Selected Answer: 50%...
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