biol1201 t2photosynthesis

biol1201 t2photosynthesis - ATP or ADP. Be sure you...

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Biology 1201 Section 1 Spring 2008 Worksheet on Photosynthesis Photosynthesis "perhaps the most important reaction in biology" (See Figures 10.5, 10.12. 10.13, 10.18 and 10.21 in the text for a summary.) Autotroph - Heterotroph - Chlorophyll A and chlorophyll B and accessory pigments in the thylakoid membranes of the chloroplast absorb light in the visible spectrum. The light energy is used by Photosystem I and Photosystem II in the thylakoid membranes of the chloroplast to drive the production of ATP and NADPH (reducing power) . These are the "light-dependent reactions." In the light reactions, H2O is split and releases O2 as a product. The ATP and NADPH of the light reactions are used in the Calvin-Benson cycle (the dark reactions) in the stroma of the chloroplast to synthesize carbohydrates from CO2 . For the light-dependent reactions and the dark reactions in the diagram below, fill in the blanks from the following choices: H 2 O, CO 2 , O 2 . For the Adenylates, choose which is being exchanged :
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Unformatted text preview: ATP or ADP. Be sure you correctly match the adenylate with the direction of exchange. Do the same for Reducing Power, choosing from NAD, NADP, NADH and NADPH. Sun Light V V V ______ LIGHT DEDPENDENT REACTIONS ______ Adenylate Reducing Power _______ DARK REACTIONS Sugars (___________Cycle) Amino Acids Fatty Acids See Fig. 10.19 and 10.20: 1. Photorespiration -2. C 3 Plants -3. C 4 Plants o A 4 carbon compound is produced to carry CO2 to the Calvin-Benson cycle o Effective in hot regions o Sharpens the diffusion gradient. Diffusion will occur more rapidly Ex. Sugarcane and Corn o Takes the CO2 and binds it to another organic molecule to sharpen the diffusion gradient. 4. CAM Plants- Succulent plants Ex. Pineapples and cacti Take up CO2 at night and store as crassulacean acids for use in the day...
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biol1201 t2photosynthesis - ATP or ADP. Be sure you...

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