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biol1201 final notes - dominant • Males – sex linked...

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BIOL1201 Class Notes 4/08/08 Furl TEST 3 CORRECT ANSWERS A person of AB can receive O A woman A, Rh +; daughter O+ and son B- o Genotype for son may be I^Bidd o For mom I^AiDd A man B, Rh +; mother same; child is AB o Ab, Rh – excludes father as paternal Hemoglobin 6 beta chain error = sickle cell PKU affect diet Child with A, Rh-; male O RH+; he could be the father. For X related recessive traits, the trait could be more common in female than males. Barr bodies – has 4x chromosomes Colorblind – Normal man with Carrier wife; no daughter and ½ of their sons will be colorblind. Male calico cats are the result of non-disjunction, where the male cat presumably has 2x chromosomes An aneuploid male has barr body: XXY All human males inherit mitochondrial DNA and X chromosome The following karotype is Klinefleter (XXY) Autosomal recessive has all of the offspring displaying the trail; if they don’t it is
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Unformatted text preview: dominant. • Males – sex linked recessive; some females are carriers of the trait • Woman color-blind; her father is color-blind • 2x chromosomes and 1 y= kilnefelter • Girl’s father has hairy ear rims, the chance that she will pass the gene to sons is 0% BIOL1201 Class Notes • Girl’s father has hairy ear rims, what is the chance that her brother will also is 100% • Blue baby is not seen in newborns if the mother is Rh+ • Ligase joins together DNA fragments on lagging strand • Protein is synthesized in translation • Primase in DNA replication • DNA polymerase can join new nucleotides only to the 3’ end of AZT • Introns were Q and V • Hydrogen bonding stabilizes the base pairs in DNA • Accuracy in translation of mRNA: bonding of anticodon to codon and attachment of correct tRNA...
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biol1201 final notes - dominant • Males – sex linked...

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