biol1201 quiz 18

biol1201 quiz 18 - Question 5 5 of 5 points Avery and his...

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Name: Quiz 18 Status : Completed Score: 50 out of 50 points Time Elapsed: 0 hours, 0 minutes, and 36 seconds out of 1 hours and 0 minutes allowed. Instructions: Question 1 5 of 5 points Chargaff found that for DNA _____. Selected Answer: the ratio of A to T is close to 1:1 and the ratio of G to C is close to 1:1 Question 2 5 of 5 points DNA polymerase adds nucleotides to the _____ of the leading strands, and to the _____ of the lagging strands (Okazaki fragments) . Selected Answer: 3' end . .. 3' end Question 3 5 of 5 points One strand of a DNA molecule has the base sequence 5'-ATAGGT-3'. The complementary base sequence on the other strand of DNA will be 3'- _______-5'. Selected Answer: TATCCA Question 4 5 of 5 points Which one of the following is not true about double-stranded DNA? Selected Answer: Adenine and uracil are present in equal amounts.
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Unformatted text preview: Question 5 5 of 5 points Avery and his colleagues' 1944 experiment showed that DNA _____. Selected Answer: was the substance that transformed the bacteria in Griffith's experiment Question 6 5 of 5 points Telomerase _____. Selected Answer: is an enzyme made up of protein and RNA that lengthens telomeres Question 7 5 of 5 points The role of DNA polymerases in DNA replication is to _____. Selected Answer: attach free nucleotides to the new strand Question 8 5 of 5 points What enzyme joins Okazaki fragments? Selected Answer: DNA ligase Question 9 5 of 5 points During Griffith's experiments with Streptococcus pneumoniae in mice, material from _____ bacteria transformed _____ bacteria. Selected Answer: heat-killed virulent . .. living nonvirulent Question 10 5 of 5 points Telomeres _____. Selected Answer: get shorter with continued cell division...
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biol1201 quiz 18 - Question 5 5 of 5 points Avery and his...

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