ANTH1003 Test 3 Notes from Class

ANTH1003 Test 3 Notes from Class - Page ANTH 1003 Class...

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Unformatted text preview: Page ANTH 1003 Class Notes – Test 3 4/7/08 • “Omaha kinship” – patriline • One difference between our system and Omaha is how we treat cousins. (On our fathers side there are two different kinds or cousins) • Cross cousins-gender shift one generation up (fathers sister’s kids or mothers brothers kids) • Parallel cousins- [siblings] cousins where the gender does not change one generation up (father’s brother’s kids or mothers sister’s kids) • “Crow” - matrilines (mirror of the Omaha) • Moiety system- RED marries BLUE simple exchange (arranged marriages within cross cousins) • Murdoc says: In kinships we do lumping. Like with cousin. You may have a lot but you lump them under the same term. He also says that people do splitting. Like with brother. You label someone because that term means something in society. • Fictive Kinship: Like “godfather;” makes a relative or a person a special network • Polygyny- one man having multiple wives • Polyandy- woman having multiple husbands • Endogamy- marriage within the group • I ncest taboo (taboo = forbidden) - sex between close relatives o Why this is wrong: 1. I nbreeding avoidance- the risk of unwanted or bad traits being passed on 2. Familiarity breeds contempt- being around certain people since childhood makes those certain people unattractive to us (Westermark came up with this theory, Observed and collected data; Talmon 1964, Wolf 1968) 3. Family disruption theory- (Malinowski) 4. Alliance theory- (Levi-Strauss) “The institutionalized exchange of women [between families] by the alliance of marriage [is taken] to be the central point of kinship.” The universality of the incest taboo, “a natural phenomenon,” necessitates marriage and the creation of the “transversal [that is, affinal or ‘in-law’] network of alliances [that] engender all social organization.” 5. Descent theory- (A. R. Radcliffe-Brown) The nuclear family – a man, his wife, and their children – “founded as it is on natural requirements,” is...
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ANTH1003 Test 3 Notes from Class - Page ANTH 1003 Class...

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