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Edvard Grieg - paint the desired scene This suite is...

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Edvard Grieg The work that we are dealing with is Edvard Grieg’s Perr Gynt Suite. Specifically, you will be hearing the piece titled “Morning Mood”. Morning Mood is a composition that is often use din television commercials and motion pictures. Carl Stalling used the piece Morning Mood as depicting morning scenese in many Warner Brothers Cartoons, and if you have ever seen Bugs Bunny, you have heard this song. While most believe that this is meant to depict a sunrise over the Norwegian Fjords, it was originally written to depict a sunrise over the Sahara Desert. In the Hall of the Mountain King, arguably Edvard Grieg’s most well known piece uses a staccato style of music while Morning Mood uses a legato style. While the have these differences, the both of these pieces utilize the dynamics of change, instrumentation, and articulation to
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Unformatted text preview: paint the desired scene. This suite is considered incidental music, and in its entirety it lasted 90 minutes. Perr Gynt can be classified in the classical genre, and primarily a wind quartet/quintet. There is great contrast in these two pieces; the sunrise in the morning compared to the panic of trying to escape from the lair of the trolls is easily distinguishable. Perrr Gynt is a play originally written by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. Because of the required frequent scene changes and elaborate backgrounds, the play did not last long was extremely difficult to perform. In brief, this play is about a Norwegian anti-hero. While the story if a fantasy, there are many central themes that are addressed. In particular, choice and identity. Many histories believe that that this suite was based of a medieval morality play....
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