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SO101 INTRO SOC (COLBURN) SHORT ESSAY 2: ONEIDA GROUP DUE F 2-29 This assignment is worth 50 pts (10%) of your grade: it must be typed, 2-3 pages double-spaced (1 inch margins and name/page headers on all pages, stapled and turned in at the beginning of class) ANSWER ALL 3 QUESTIONS BELOW IN YOUR ESSAY (YES, NUMBER EACH ITEM AS YOU ANSWER). Be sure to use our two text sources: cite author and page as appropriate, Ch 2 Schaefer-Kellner & Schaefer text Ch 3-5. Use both texts since there are two learning goals here: to demonstrate your ability to think sociologically AND to show you have critically read and reflected on the writing. 1. Describe and discuss the two most important
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Unformatted text preview: features of the Oneida community as a subculture from the following: values, norms, sanctions and social control, rituals, socialization, statuses , gender roles, etc. 2. a) Define POWER and AUTHORITY. (Ch 14, Schaefer text, pp. 355-356). b) Describe the three TYPES OF AUTHORITY. (Ch 14, Schaefer text, pp. 355-356). c) Analyze the power and authority structure of the Oneida community. d) Compare to the power and authority structure of the Amish community 3. Based on your understanding of the concept of counterculture (define) and your analysis in #1 and #2 above, does the Oneida group represent a counterculture? Why or why not? Explain your response fully....
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