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Monsters Inc. - Monster's Inc Ethics Paper 1 As the authors...

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Monster’s Inc. Ethics Paper 1 As the authors of textbook Contemporary Business 2006 states, business ethics is the standards of business conduct and moral values (Boone p. 40). Although this is a term that most people primarily think of only in the business workforce, the writers of Disney/ Pixar Animation Studios children’s film, Monster’s Inc. proved that business ethics is found everywhere, even in a children’s film. The writers of this film incorporated each of the four ethical challenges, conflict of interest, honesty and integrity, loyalty versus truth, and whistle-blowing, into the film. The plot of the film is based upon a utility company, Monsters Inc., which supplies energy to the city Monstropolis based upon the screams of children after being scared by monsters throughout the night. Each monster is assigned a door which they walk into and try to scare the child; the screams from the children are then measured and supplied to the city as the energy. However, children are not being scared as easily by the monsters, and therefore the company is suffering from it. A mass chaos brakes out when a child, named Boo by the number one scare-generator Sulley, is in the factory. Although the monsters were used to scaring the children, in return they were terrified of the children getting close to them. The CDA, children detection agency, is brought in to the factory to help find the child and bring the factory back to normal. Because the company is not succeeding as it usually would, unethical practices are brought into the company to try and repair it by taking short-cuts and in the end, the factory is caught on these unethical practices. The largest ethical challenge seen throughout the film Monster’s Inc. is definitely conflict of interest. As Boone & Kurtz state in their book Contemporary Business 2006, “a conflict of interest exists when a businessperson is faced with a situation in which an
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