CStutler. Decision Round 1 Worksheet Spring 008

CStutler. Decision Round 1 Worksheet Spring 008 - not raise...

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Name: Section::002 Decision Round: Round 1 Industry: Low tech/High tech Company: Overall Strategy: Moderate Goal for this round: My goal for round one is building my industry by adding a second product and to increase my contribution margin by having a high market share. Goal for the next round: For round 2, I plan on increasing my contribution market by achieving a higher market share and reducing some of the costs. I also plan on raising my stock margin by issuing more stock. Rate Your Performance for This Round Area Excellent Very Good Good No change Needs Improvemen t Needs Significant Improvement Company X X Production X Marketing X Sales Forecast X Finance X Human Resources X Total Quality Management X Financial Ratios X Did you achieve your goals? YES NO Why? /Why Not? I achieved this goal by adding a high tech product into the industry, as I had planned. However, I did
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Unformatted text preview: not raise my contribution margin because my market share was not high enough. What will you do differently in the next round? In round 2, I will look into ways to of making my high tech product more successful by looking into ways of financing the product. I will also try to reduce my costs in round 2, and will check my affects to see if there is positive outcome before saving my final decision. What will you keep doing in the same way? I will continue to check with the Fast Track to look at the requirements of the product before changing them. I will also continue to make subtle changes without drastically changing an R & D requirement. Will you be more: Aggressive ______ Conservative _________ No Change: _ X ___...
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CStutler. Decision Round 1 Worksheet Spring 008 - not raise...

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