AN203-012 Spring 2008 Take Home Assignment 1

AN203-012 Spring 2008 Take Home Assignment 1 - AN203...

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AN203 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Dr. M. Mazzarelli AN203-012 Spring 2008 Assignment 1 Page 1 NAME_Jeremy Gilbreath___________________________________________________ Take Home Assignment 1 due February 12 at the beginning of class. There are six short essay questions and a set of 20 matching questions. The essay question part of the assignment must be typed. No late assignments will be accepted and there is no provision for a make-up. Your answers should be approximately 200 words each. Please edit your work. Your name should appear on every page and please use page numbers. (Look at Style Specifications in Writing Papers in Course Documents.) Question 1 Anthropologists talk about the “ethnographic present”. What is meant by this? What implications does this have for our understanding of groups such as the Gebusi and !Kung (Ju/’hoansi)? The phrase ethnographic present is used by anthropologists to describe a culture as it presumably existed before some particular outside intrusion began to modernize it. If we look at some of the cultures we have started exploring we see that to truly understand the Gebusi or the !Kung we need to explore them in the ethnographic present, This way we will be able to understand there ways as they were before they had interaction with the modernized world. Question 2. Does latah support the biocultural model? If so, how? If not, why not? When we look at the idea of Latah supporting the biocultural model we need to think about how these people becomes a Latah. I learned in the clip about Latah that it isn’t hereditary and that anyone can become a Latah with enough prodding or in this case training. I feel that since becoming a Latah can be trained shows that it doesn’t follow the bio cultural model because any culture could and does produce a Latah. Question 3.
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AN203-012 Spring 2008 Take Home Assignment 1 - AN203...

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