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Festinger proposed such a definition of “uncomfortable feeling” toward what he described as cognitive dissonance . An example of cognitive dissonance is an environmental activist’s belief that human beings are to blame for global warming, while this same individual (simultaneously) owns and drives an SUV. SUV’s are known to guzzle gas highly inefficiently, wasting tons of energy, thereby contributing to global warming. However, the environmentalist SUV owner drives the car out of practicality – hardly any other vehicle is capable of making the tough, off-road drive to her house as an SUV can. This individual’s actions/behaviors are a contradiction to his/her attitudes/beliefs. Continuing with this example, there are several ways to reduce such cognitive dissonance. One possibility would be for the individual to altogether stop believing that
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Unformatted text preview: humans are the cause of global warming, making the SUV (and humankind) blameless against the Earth’s climate change. Another course of action the person might take to reduce this dissonance is to switch cars for a more expensive (but just as practical) hybrid vehicle. Other vehicles – besides SUV’s – with such back/off-roads driving abilities as the individual requires to get home exist, although they are more expensive. He/she could invest in a hybrid. A third option for our conflicted individual is to sell his/her house, pick up and move to a more accessible location. With this option, the person wouldn’t need the SUV to commute to/from home, so selling it altogether wouldn’t be an issue....
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