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Supermasive Black holes “Supermassive black holes” seems like somewhat of a redundant title for an astronomical object. The awareness of simple “black holes” (without the seemingly superfluous “supermassive” prefix) is much more common, although hardly more “simple”. Common knowledge of black holes is hardly knowledge at all; it is science- fiction propaganda, concerning worm holes and time travel, alternate universes and reviving the dead. These fabrications have raised public awareness and ignited curiosity toward the bizarre phenomena of black holes, though these creative myths are such ubiquitous clichés with reason – they are concocted by imaginative (and, needless to say, a little geeky) science-fiction writers who are never called out on blatantly lying. What perpetuates these clichés is that this propaganda is not even based on sound, scientific facts, but rather mere theories. Black holes have proven impossible to verify because of their light consumption, and in fact their very existence opposes Einstein’s theory of relativity with quantum mechanics. This is a continually evolving science and it is difficult to elaborate upon a science based topic when the scientists themselves argue the legitimacies of its properties. But elaborate is what this article serves to do, regarding not
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roughdraft - Supermasive Black holes Supermassive black...

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