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Apple Paper - Apple Computer, Inc. as it was first known...

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Apple Computer, Inc. as it was first known was launched on April 1 st , 1976. Its founding members were Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. The first compute they sold was the Apple I person computer kit. They were hand build by Wozniak in Jobs’ parent’s living room. Apple first two successful computers were the Apple Macintosh, and the Apple II. In 1985 Jobs left the company after a power struggle with recently appointed CEO John Sculley (Kimmel). The time around 1989 to 1991 was labeled by the MacAddict magazine as Apple’s first golden age due to its success with recently released products like the Mac classic and power book. Unfortunately a few years after this time apple released some experimental products like the Newton which was an early PDA, which were commercial disasters. In 1997 Jobs returned to Apple when his new company was bought out by them, later on in the year Jobs would step in as CEO and still now holds the position. 1998 -2001 was something of an Apple renaissance with the release of the new and innovative IMac, IBook, and Power Mac G4, which were all new personal computers along with the release of Mac OS X, which was Apple’s new and improved operating system. In 2003 Apple launched the first Apple Store, which was a store run by Apple and dedicated to solely Apple products, support, and supporting 3 rd party software. Recently in just January of 2007 Apple dropped the computer part in its name, and is now known as Apple Inc. The biggest release since the name change was the iphone in June. The current state of the business is very good. With the recent release of the iphone and its new operating system Leopard Apple is considered by many to be doing quite well. The range of products that apple is now offer has grown by a lot since the first Apple I computer. Now Apple offers everything of MP3 players such as the various
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ipods, to the brand new iphone, as of now it offers 5 personal computers, being the iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini, MacBook, and the MacBook Pro (7). Apple also offers a broad range of convince products such as Apple TV, and the iTunes software which has the built in iTunes store. The industry that Apple falls into would have to be categorized as consumer electronics. Many who don’t have a complete idea of the companies range of products would think it only works in personal computers but with the wide range of accessories that apple sells, to say they were in the personal computer industry only would be to narrow. A recent critical issue that has affected the industry is the introduction of the CEAPAC or the Consumer Electronics Association Political Action Committee (4). The
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Apple Paper - Apple Computer, Inc. as it was first known...

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