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Jeremy Gilbreath 9/21/07 Current Event #2 I chose to read this article because one of the things that I had always wanted to do growing up was start, and run my own business. This article addressed just that idea; it also was able to show me that it’s not as easy when it comes to franchising that I first thought. The two main points that I believe the article had was first, not all franchises are money makers, and it takes a lot of work to set one up that will make money. Second no matter what type of company you try and start to run you need to do you research. A quote that I felt summed it up quite nicely was “If you really want to be your own boss, choose a business you’d like to go into, and then go work in that industry until you learn something about it… then go and start your own company.” This reading connected to the ownership chapter we just read because it was all
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Unformatted text preview: about franchising which is a type of business ownership, and sole proprietor ownership if you were to actually start your own company. It was a very nice to read this after reading the chapter because it gave me a much better insight into starting you own company. This article will defiantly help me later on in my business carrier especially if I ever decide to open my own franchise because it introduced a lot of new ideas to me. For instance it told me all about franchise attorney which is a great utility to use and know about if I was to run my own franchise. I was able to find this article at which is where I fund the previous articling I did. I did go through some other websites that I hadnt used yet with different articles but none were as appealing as this one....
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