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fortune 4 - office in India Google is using its presence in...

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Jeremy Gilbreath 11/2/07 Fortune 4 Due 11/2 Google’s operations in America and in India are very much alike. They both have a very relaxed and laid back atmosphere. The reason why Prasad Ram calls India "the perfect hotbed for finding the next set of ideas" is because a lot of the Indian college students that used to come to America get an American university education and used to decided to work in America, now would rather like to go back to India, and work in a technologies industry there. Google finance was born from soothing that Google calls a 20$ project. This is the idea each individual employee creates a little side project that they spend about 20% of their time on. This was also how Gmail came about. It is different then other Google properties because it was the first one to come out of a foreign research and development office, meaning it was the first one of Google applications that came out of the Google
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Unformatted text preview: office in India. Google is using its presence in India very effective. First they are introducing themselves into an emerging market that is India. In addition to that they are also going to effect markets they already are in because they are putting a fair amount of their employees into a customer service base that will affect the way the AdWords Business works that is already established in the US. You can defiantly see the impact that Google is already having on India. Now that a beanbag chair is the hot new craze in India that’s to Google you have to thinks what’s next. The technology industry in India has also taken a turn that I believe is much better overall for it self. Now the employee is becoming empowered again. An employee now has the ability to ask what a company will do for them rather than the other way around....
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fortune 4 - office in India Google is using its presence in...

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