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fourtune 4 - really mesh with the rest of the crowd The...

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Jeremy Gilbreath 11/30/07 "The PayPal Mafia," pp. 96-108 The reason why PayPal was such a hot bed of new and improved thriving entrepreneurs, can be mainly traced back to the way Levchin and Thiel first hired. When they went looking for candidates to fill the newly opened jobs they didn’t just look for college grads with PhDs, or MBAs. They wanted to hire the people who “… got into Ph.D. programs and dropped out.” Basically they wanted to find those people out there who think outside the box, but are still incredibly smart and intuitive. This combination of uniquely skilled people, and the environment they were put in breed some of the greatest entrepreneurs ever. One time CEO Elon Musk was fired from PayPal because his ideas didn’t seem to
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Unformatted text preview: really mesh with the rest of the crowd. The main reason for his termination was because he wanted to get ride of Unix an operating system that the company used and switch to Microsoft. That’s basically considered blasphemy to any Unix user so his time at the company came to an end. The great lesson that the PayPal mafia learned especially Jawed Karim and Jeremy Stoppleman, was the “… payoff of the start up game.” If you look through the now thriving frist employees of PayPal you see that the way that almost all of them mad their money was through start up. It is a very risky business the start up game but the men known as the PayPal mafia sure have it figured out....
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