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Fourtune assignment 4

Fourtune assignment 4 - because they feel they aren’t...

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Jeremy Gilbreath Fortune Assignment Oct 15 Issue due OCT 26 1) In the 80’s and the 90’s CAA was on a roll through the entertainment industry they had everything in there pocket and it was all due to its co founder Michael Ovitz. Who coincidentally when leaving the company in 95 also was the company’s downfall. During this period clients where snatched up by rival companies and the company’s leaders went mainly underground. CAA was able to bounce back from this however by reestablishing it’s A-list clients and have much of its practices remain in the shadows. 2) He studio chiefs are so reluctant to talk about there positions and there company
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Unformatted text preview: because they feel they aren’t supposed to be the ones whoa re in the lime light and that it is their clients who should be. This leave me to believe that some of the dealing going on at CAA aren’t exactly ligament and the powers that be my not want that to come to light. 3) I completely disagree with the company’s critics who think the expansion was misguided. I think that they are just trying to diversify the products that their business supplies, and by doing this I feel they gain a competitive advantage....
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