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Fourtune assignment1 - glove making companies can learn...

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Jeremy Gilbreath 9/21/07 Fortune Magazine Assignment #1 A Glove Story 1) Rawling first devised the concept of the primo from a type of a bat called a double walled bat. In this it has 2 distinct walls in the bat and creates a trampoline like effect. Two Rawlings product managers where talking and one brought up the idea of having multiple layer gloves, that’s where the Primo got it’s start. The company decided to develop this new glove because it needs to stay on top of the market. All of its competitors have developed new and innovative gloves and all Rawlings can do it try, and compete. This glove is different from other gloves because it has three layers instead of two. An outer a palm, and then a revolutionary inner palm in-between the two layers. 2) What the author meant when he said, “No matter how fancy they get, gloves will always remain personal.” Basically is that since a glove is such an important piece of equipment to a player that there is a certain attachment with the player and the glove. All
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Unformatted text preview: glove making companies can learn that just because a glove has some amazing designee feature doesnt mean that it can replace the genuine feel of a personally broken in glove. That will be the difficult part for selling the Primo because Rawlings needs to find a way to make it personal. The way that they have tried and I feel is the best way to do it is get the glove into the hands of minor leaguers so they grow with the glove making it personal that way. 3) I believe that like any new technology it will take some time but the Primo will catch on. I think that its main market will be amateurs and minor leaguers with some MLB player endorsements. This is because major league players all feel very attached to the gloves they already own, and it would be very hard as it has already shown to be, to get them to make a switch. It will be popular with the younger crowd because I dont believe that they feel that same attachment....
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Fourtune assignment1 - glove making companies can learn...

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