Homework5 - above. Read the critical voltages (V IL , V IH...

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UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE1238 Spring 07 Digital Electronics Assigned: February 13, 2007 Due: February 22, 2007 (before lecture) Homework 5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---- 1. Problem 5.5 (page 216). 2. Use SPICE to plot the VTC of the depletion-load nMOS inverter circuit designed
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Unformatted text preview: above. Read the critical voltages (V IL , V IH , V OL , and V OH ) from your plot and calculate the noise margins. Compare the results with your answers to Prob.1. Attach your SPICE input file. 3. Problem 5.6. 4. Verify your answers to above problem using SPICE. Attach your SPICE input file. Read Chapters 6 and 7....
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