ECE 2014 Annotated Bibliography & Literature Review

ECE 2014 Annotated Bibliography & Literature Review -...

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LKP, 10.22.07 ECE 2014 (Fall 2007) Team/Group Project Due Date: Thursday, November 8, 2007 The group project for this course will consist of three assignments (note the respective due dates and percentages toward the final grade). Assignment Due Date % Thursday, November 8 10 Oral Presentations Week of November 26-30 (Both the lecture and recitations are cancelled that week.) 10 Final Paper Tuesday, December 4 (last day of class) 20 All assignments are team/group assignments. The oral presentations will be scheduled during the week of November 12-16. If you have any questions about any of these assignments, please contact Dr. Pendleton or your recitation facilitator (Ms. Taylor or Ms. Van Curen); however, you should read this document thoroughly beforehand. Failure to ask questions in advance does not justify any misunderstanding or lack of clarity about the assignment . GENERAL DIRECTIONS FOR ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY AND LITERATURE REVIEW In general, this assignment will help you develop research and writing skills and investigate contemporary and emerging technologies within Electrical and Computer Engineering. In particular, it will help you gain experience using Digital Library resources for the discipline and familiarize you with two forms of technical communications. Concretely, the information that you discover will facilitate the following additional objectives associated with the team/group project assignments: Articulate your career and professional goals as they relate to emerging technologies within the discipline; Identify contemporary and ethical issues within the discipline; and
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ECE 2014 Annotated Bibliography & Literature Review -...

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