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Mini Research Assignment - computer has proved impossible[1...

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Josh Haynes 904321944 10/10/07 Quantum Computing Technology keeps evolving at a rapid pace; things get smaller and faster all the time. Today, we are discussing objects with an order of magnitude in nanometers; if things continue we will have to switch from the normal realm of physics to that of quantum mechanics[1]. The theory of multiple universes gives great hope to the power of quantum computing because we can exploit that so that everything is calculated in parallel, which would greatly increase our processing power of today[1]. There are some limitations to what can be produced, such as quantum computers must be a Turing Machine (a finite state machine ), but, “they do give new methods of computation for many classes of problem” [1]. According to [1], you can perform any algorithm on a Turing Machine (Quantum Computer) with an arbitrary amount of precision. This implies that anything you can do on today's computer can be reproduced on a quantum computer. However, according to [2], so far producing a quantum
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Unformatted text preview: computer has proved impossible. [1] and [2] both acknowledge that quantum logic gates have been made, but anything more than that has proved illusive. Quantum computers are based on qubits, who have two states which represent a binary on or off [2]. Even though the creation of a quantum computer has not occurred, there have been many advancements because of the research, including both theoretical and practical results [2]. Hopefully, one day a successful quantum computer will be made; the switch to quantum computing, should in theory, not be difficult because today's computers only operate on a machine language based on a binary representation which would have a one to one correspondence to the rotation of qubits. References [1] Narayanan, A., " Quantum computing for beginners," Evolutionary Computation , vol. 3, July 1999. [2] Day, C., " Quantum Computing Is Exciting and Important--Really!," Computing in Science & Engineering , vol. 9, no. 2, pp. 104, April 2007....
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Mini Research Assignment - computer has proved impossible[1...

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