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Josh Haynes 904321944 10/9/07 Global Engineering Assignment The United Kingdom and the United States share a lot of their culture. There are some differences, including: laws; religious views, tolerance of sexual preference; government style; social class; and sports preferences, while some similarities include: common language; common religions; common laws; common educations; and common customs. In general what is acceptable in one the United States is mostly acceptable in the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom, they have laws that don't exactly match up with those in the United States. For example, it is perfectly legal to own prescription medicine without a prescription [3]. However, it is looked down upon, but none the less it is still not illegal to do so. Only 44 percent of the populous in the United Kingdom believe in a deity of some sort [1] compared to 82 percent in the United States [2]. Sexual preference is generally accepted throughout the United Kingdom[3], unlike the United States where that depends upon the region in which you are in. The governments are
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Global Engineering Assignment - Josh Haynes 904321944...

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