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ECE 2014 Mini Research Assignment Bring two hard copies to recitation on Thursday, October 11, 2007 Choose an emerging technology, contemporary issue, or ethical issue in electrical or computer engineering. The topic you select should be personally interesting or have some relevance to your career goals. Find 2-3 sources on this topic from digital library databases such as INSPEC, IEEE Xplore, LexisNexis (refer to Larry Thompson’s handout). Write a summary that includes: 1. Information you learned from the sources. 2. Information from the sources that interests you. 3. Information from the sources that establishes why the topic is important to the discipline. Although these three pieces of information may not be mutually exclusive, be sure to
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Unformatted text preview: fully describe each of these contexts. You should include the citations for your sources in IEEE format. IEEE formatting requirements can be found in Section 19 at the website: . This is a formal writing assignment, so pay attention to writing mechanics, organization, and style. Your summary should be of enough detail to accurately relay the information to your audience (your peers, your instructor, and your recitation facilitator). Therefore, write 2-5 paragraphs but no more than a page. Specifications: Typed/word-processed, double-spaced Word document in 12-point font. Print two copies and bring to recitation on Thursday, October 11, 2007....
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