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LKP, 8.28.07 ECE 2014 Draft of Academic and Career Planner [ Bring a copy to the recitation on Thursday, September 6 ] This assignment will help you develop a stepwise plan for meeting the career and professional goals that you outlined in your Statement of Professional Goals submitted the first week of class. Specifically, this assignment will help you: Identify possible paths for meeting academic, career, and professional goals; Identify possible paths for developing leadership skills; Demonstrate your strengths in your resume, thus making yourself more marketable; Connect your goals, strengths, and experiences in cover letters and interviews; and
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Unformatted text preview: • Formulate a concrete plan for reaching your academic and career goals. For this assignment, you will connect the goals you outlined in your Statement of Professional Goals to a concrete plan for reaching those goals. You may submit your assignment in table form (using term categories relevant to your academic level or situation), for example: Name ___________________________________________ Term Academic goals Career/professional goals Extracurricular goals Personal goals Sophomore I Sophomore II Summer 2008 Junior I Junior II Summer 2009 Senior I Senior II...
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