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Race - Chapter 4

Race - Chapter 4 - Sept 20 Three views of Applied...

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1Sept. 20 Three views of Applied Anthropology Idory Tower View Anthropologists should teach and research. No application of anthropology is needed. Schizoid View Anthropologists shouldn’t criticize policy, they should just apply it. Advocacy View Anthropologists should criticize, make and apply policies. Race and Ethnicity Chapter 4 What is Race?? A race is a group of people who share a greater statistical frequency of genes and physical traits with one another than they do with people outside the group. Is it Biological? Yes race is biological. You are born a race and it is unchangeable. Is it cultural? Does it even exist? How we look today tends to determine what race we belong to. Skin color, shape of the eye etc. is decided by the environment Biovariation (we all look different, life forms differ) Why does biovariation occur? Solar Radiation Melanin levels in skin- genetic North of equator - less melanin (lighter skin) South of equator - more melanin (darker skin) Thermoregulation Dry climates - More body mass
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