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Management Problems In Sports

Management Problems In Sports - My major here at Del Val is...

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November 29, 2012          Management Problems In Sports My major here at Del Val is Sports management; I believe there are serious problems in my field and that they will be the same way a long time. The biggest problem that I believe we have in my field of study is the problem of being popular. By this I am referring to the way that most sports players choose the same agents because of popularity. I read in an article, that most sports players take advice from other sports players on who they should hire as a manager. This takes away work from almost everyone trying to make it in the Sports Management field because of popularity. I believe it is unfair for some Sports agents to be able to have a certain number (15 in my opinion) of signed players who are superstar athletes. I believe there should be a organization or board to prevent the higher up agents from taking all of the big-named clients because no other agents will ever be able to make a living. My interpretation of the biggest problem that is in my field of study, is a bad one. I believe that its totally unfair to everyone in the equation, This including the agent himself. First I believe it is unfair for the new and upcoming agents because they will never have a fair shot at making new clients and getting contracts and being able to do their job because of the established veteran agents taking all of the new talent. This, to me, means that no matter how good you may be at being a Sports manager, it’s nothing you can do to help your career take off because you will never really have a fighting chance at fame.
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Next, I believe that it is unfair for the client him/herself. My first take on this matter is
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