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Study_Guide_for_exam_2 - Arranged Marriage Preferential...

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1Study Guide for Exam 2 Gender Sex Hijras of India Sexual Dimorphism Masculinity/Femininity Gender Stereotype Groomzilla/Metrosexual Margaret Mead- Arapesh, Tchambuli, Mundugumor Gender Roles Gender Stratification Universal Male Dominance Feminization of Poverty Human sexuality 1961 Etoro/Azande Female Husbands Kinsey/La Mala Educacion/Monsoon Wedding/Cnn Videos Family Structure- Nuclear and Extended Kinship Systems- Descent- Unilineal, Patrilineal, Matrilineal, Lineage, Clans Nonunilineal Descent groups- Double, Ambilineal, Bilateral Nancy Scheper-Hughes Marriage Incest Taboo- Natural Aversion, Inbreeding, Family Disruption, Expanding Social Alliances Edward Tylor Claude Levi Strauss Endogamy/Exogamy Caste Monogamy, Polygamy -Polygyny, Polyandry Serial Monogamy
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Unformatted text preview: Arranged Marriage Preferential Cousin Marriage Levirate/Sororate Bridewealth/Dowry/Bride Service Divorce Residence patterns- Neo/Patri/Matri/Avunculocal/Ambilocal Religion Neanderthals Anthony C Wallace Religion and Spirituality Functions of Religion EB Tylor Animism/Animatism Robert Marrett Mana Magic Magic and Religion James Frazer Imitative/Contagious Magic Rituals Rites of Passage/Intensification Arnold Van Gennep Revitalization Movement Monotheism, Polytheism, New Age Myth, Myth of Origin Globalization Marshall McLuhan Global Village Diffusion Ralph Linton Cultural Boundary Maintenance Modernization Theory Oscar Lewis World Systems Theory Wallerstein- Core. Semi Periphery, Periphery...
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