voluntaryactiveeuthanasia - The Morality of Voluntary,...

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The Morality of Voluntary, Active Euthanasia Voluntary, active euthanasia is the practice in which a doctor administers an agent in order to kill a patient after the patient requests to be killed. There is a great amount of controversy surrounding the issue of whether or not it is right. I personally believe that voluntary, active euthanasia is morally acceptable. The fact is, sometimes it would be much more humane to kill someone than to let him die, because simply letting him die would entail unnecessary pain and suffering. The main opponents of euthanasia state that if euthanasia were legalized, doctors wouldn’t try as hard to save patients anymore, because death would be viewed more lightly. They believe that euthanasia could lead to a myriad of troubles, all caused by doctors abusing their power of life and death. The problem is, this cannot truly be used as an argument against the simple morality of active euthanasia. The morality of the action is not dependent upon the possible abuse of that action, so these arguments cannot be considered. The current paradox in medical care is the fact that while actively causing someone’s
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voluntaryactiveeuthanasia - The Morality of Voluntary,...

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